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Did you know that the gift for a 10-year wedding anniversary is Tin or Aluminum? This is perfect for wet plate photography!!! While we used to use actual tin for tintypes, tin must be japanned else it rusts. Japanning is tough, so today we use aluminum trophy plates instead.

Brian and Stacey came up to the tintype studio for a 10 year wedding anniversary portrait with a very particular shot in mind, but it wasn't this double exposure.

Posing couples isn't the easiest thing to do in the world, so I typically show folks examples of poses I've done in the past that might be appealing to them. We then practice with an iPad to determine what actually looks and feels good to them. Among the examples I showed Brian and Stacey was a double exposure of two faces superimposed on top of each other. They liked the idea a lot and wanted to try it. It turned out amazing!

We also shot the portrait they arrived with in their minds, complete with the bouquet of flowers that Stacey crocheted 10 years ago for their actually wedding. It turned out pretty flippin' cool too!!!

10 year wedding anniversary tintype double exposure

10 year wedding anniversary of tin or aluminum - tintype wedding anniversary

Are you interested in having an aluminum tintype portrait made for your 10-year wedding anniversary? Consider coming up to Denver's premier wet plate collodion tintype photography studio currently in Boulder, Colorado.

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