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Authentic Silver Tintypes from
Your Digital Photographs

Here at The Tintype Company we have stumbled upon a wormhole. I shall not say exactly where, but in an old mineshaft it resides. We utilize this wormhole as a portal to create 19th century tintypes from your 21st century photographs: cybertypes I call them - essentially digital tintypes.  We travel back in time with your favorite photograph to the year 1851. We individually process them into high resolution optical negatives ready to accept the antique, wet plate technique. Plates are poured by hand, exposed in the darkroom, and developed to exacting standards. They are then returned through the cosmic gateway to the 21st century and ultimately to your very own home. The result is an authentic, handmade metallic photograph with an image made of pure silver. Adorned with chemical artifacts only possible through the wet plate process, each tintype is absolutely unique and archival. It will last your family for centuries to come.  Why settle for a T-shirt when you can have an heirloom!!!



Select Your Photograph

Pick a favorite. Can't decide? Send me a few and I'll choose what will work best. Upload the original color file. Don't process the photograph. Flat files make for good files. Tintypes are very high resolution, so send the biggest file you have. Bold subjects. Simple backgrounds. Shapes. Patterns. Faces. Make sure there is good, in-focus detail. Only have a physical print? Please inquire about mailing and scanning options. 


Antique Camera and Lens Simulations

We already individually process each photograph so that it will best transfer to tintype... We can also simulate antique camera and lens effects, creating an image even more reminiscent of the 18th century. Please also inquire about additional photoshop services such as edge creation, object removal, or full restorations of damaged photographs. Roll over image to the left for before and after. 

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Rubbed Black Border or Raw Edges

This process is called "Wet Plate" Collodion because every step must be completed before the chemistry dries out. It is an antique handmade art form and artifacts are inevitable, chemical and physical. We embrace these as happy accidents and revel in their chance and uniqueness. One of the places we see a lot of chemical artifacts are at the edges. These can be wiped black for a slightly cleaner framed appearance, or left raw in all of their chemical glory. Your choice!

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Upload Image and Place Your Order

It takes a couple of weeks, but I'll send a video of your tintype's creation! This might as well be alchemy. We are turning pixels into silver arranged in such a perfect pattern and density that light literally reflects images of your loved ones into your eyes. If that isn't magic, what is? If you are in a super-duper hurry, jumping the line is an option for an additional charge.


Don't Forget a Tintype Stand

Choose a tintype stand if you'd like one. We have simple wooden blocks (INCLUDED) and iron easels ($10 upgrade). Both are perfect for standing up your tintype under a lamp. The tintype image is made of silver, and silver loves bright light! Tintypes are robust. People will want to pick them up and look at them closely. Let them. Tintypes are varnished with a hardy and natural evergreen tree sap - fingerprints can be gently wiped off with distilled water and a microfiber cloth. 

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