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boulder tintype studio


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Valmont Road, Boulder CO

  • Traditional 1850's Outdoor Studio

  • Multi-Light Modern Portraits

  • Natural Light Outdoor Portraits

  • Singles, Couples, Families, Groups

  • Personalized Fine Art

  • Headshots

  • Bridal Portraits

  • Maternity

  • Boudoir, etc...

  • Save 10% Monday - Wednesday

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Modern Lit Portraits
Personalized Fine Art
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Environmental Portraits







8x10 PLATE

The cost is applied per pose, per plate. You can come for as little as $100. Don't like the look on your face? The first reshoot in included. Don't like the look on your face in either? Additional reshoots are $25 each to cover the cost of chemistry.  If you want to keep the reshoots and have copies to give away to loved ones, they are 50% the a-la-carte price.  Changes to poses, people, or backdrops reverts price to original



TWO 4x5 Individual Portraits

ONE 5x7 Studio Couples Portrait

ONE 8x10 Outdoor Family Portrait (bring the dog)

Great for couples of any marital status!!

FOUR 4x5 Studio Singles

ONE 8x10 Outdoor Family Portrait

Got extra kids? Add-ons are easy. Bring the dog too!!

TWO 5x7s

ONE 8x10

Perfect for those who want to try something unique: double exposures, multiple poses, boudoir... send me your ideas!

Got something else in mind?  Please reach out to discuss!

  • Located on Valmont Road east of Boulder, the The Tintype Company's outdoor studio is in the same vein you would find circa 1850 when photographers were traveling chemists roaming town to town setting up in town squares across the nation.  

  • Weather is a factor.  THE STUDIO IS ENTIRELY OUTSIDE.  Please dress appropriately.  

  • Each sitting takes at least an hour to complete, longer if you wish for additional poses or reshoots.  After the shoot the plates will still need to be washed, scanned, varnished and baked. Depending on the time of your appointment and if there are folks behind you, plate delivery time varies from hours to days. I recommend they be packaged and mailed to your home for $20.  

  • Don't like the look on your face? The first reshoot is included, each additional reshoot will incur a $25 fee to cover the costs of chemistry.  Want to keep the reshoots and have copies to give to loved ones??? Each is 50%-off the a-la-carte price. Changes to the people, the pose or the set reverts charge to the original fee.

  • Sign up for a Monday - Wednesday session at the studio and get 10% OFF your final bill...!!!

  • Modern Lit Portraits can accommodate up to two people and a baby.  Got a big kid or a dog and want a family portrait? Your best bet is to opt for a Natural Light Portrait.  

  • Tintypes are an antique handmade art form using equipment and techniques more than a century old.  As a result, chemistry artifacts will occur. Don't think of these as bugs, but features, giving each plate a unique - dare I say magical - quality.  That being said, if said artifact negatively obscures the focal point of the image, a reshoot is no cost.

  • Keep in mind that natural light portraits are long exposures, requiring the subjects to sit still for seconds at a time.  Exact time will depend on time of day, weather, and lens choice, but expect to have to sit perfectly still for a minimum of 2-3 seconds.  Ever wonder why folks didn't smile in 19th century photographs?  Chemistry used to be even less sensitive than it is today. Try holding a natural smile perfectly still for 10 seconds... Seriously, go to the mirror and try it right now...  It's harder than you might think.  Is anyone staring?

  • Come with ideas.  Wear something intriguing, or nothing at all.  Dress up.  Be formal.  Put on a hat.  Bring a prop. Go vintage. Go nude. Be you at your most wonderfully unique!! Everyone is welcome, and so are your ideas.  I encourage you to contact me ahead of time with your ideas so that we can flesh them out for success!  


    • Display your tintype under a bright, specular light source for best viewing results.  I recommend propping them up under a lamp.

    • Let people pick up and hold your tintype. Tintypes are robust.  Baring any physical damage they will last hundreds of years.  ​

    • When fingerprints show, wash with cool water and wipe dry with a soft cloth.  Don't use windex or other chemical cleaners. 

    • Tintypes are varnished with a natural substance called Lavender Sandarac.  Is it amazing stuff, but not as hardcore as a poly.  

    • If you choose to frame your tintype, make certain there is an air gap between the glass and the plate.  If the plate touches the glass, given changes in humidity and temperature, over time the varnish will adhere to the glass. 

    • I recommend shadowboxes or frames without glass. Mount it 1/4 inch away from the back of the shadowbox for a cool 3D effect.

    • Tintypes are glossy, so is glass, so you will get a double the glare with glass.

    • Got any other questions or concerns, holler at me!

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(Appointment Required)
6903 Valmont Rd
Boulder, CO 80301


Got Questions?

Thank you for your patience. I am probably out shooting, but will get back to you ASAP.

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