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Sweethearts since high school, the Trahan family has expanded by one! I was honored to make their first portrait with their little baby boy up here at The Tintype Company's home studio in Sunshine Canyon outside of Boulder.

We made three plates with this beautiful little family. They were a dream. Never have you met a more cooperative one-month old! For the final plate, a portrait with just mother and son, the little fella fell asleep. He was positioned perfectly. Mom's blue eyes were electric. I adjusted the kicker so that it would wrap around mom's head and slightly illuminate baby's face... just a hint of specularity. It turned out great... I love this shot!!

Are you a brand new family looking for a Denver family photographer or a newborn photographer near Denver or Boulder, Colorado? Would you like your portraits made of pure silver and to last for centuries to come? Forgive the obvious google keywords in this paragraph, but I've got you covered! Make an appointment to come up to the studio and have your tintypes made.

Newborn baby photographer in Boulder and Denver Colorado

Denver and Boulder Colorado Family Photographer

Did you know that the gift for a 10-year wedding anniversary is Tin or Aluminum? This is perfect for wet plate photography!!! While we used to use actual tin for tintypes, tin must be japanned else it rusts. Japanning is tough, so today we use aluminum trophy plates instead.

Brian and Stacey came up to the tintype studio for a 10 year wedding anniversary portrait with a very particular shot in mind, but it wasn't this double exposure.

Posing couples isn't the easiest thing to do in the world, so I typically show folks examples of poses I've done in the past that might be appealing to them. We then practice with an iPad to determine what actually looks and feels good to them. Among the examples I showed Brian and Stacey was a double exposure of two faces superimposed on top of each other. They liked the idea a lot and wanted to try it. It turned out amazing!

We also shot the portrait they arrived with in their minds, complete with the bouquet of flowers that Stacey crocheted 10 years ago for their actually wedding. It turned out pretty flippin' cool too!!!

10 year wedding anniversary tintype double exposure

10 year wedding anniversary of tin or aluminum - tintype wedding anniversary

Are you interested in having an aluminum tintype portrait made for your 10-year wedding anniversary? Consider coming up to Denver's premier wet plate collodion tintype photography studio currently in Boulder, Colorado.

As a Colorado tintype photographer I love black and white - but for this engagement / wedding portrait session I was wishing I could shoot in color. Most couples choose traditional wares for their wedding, but not Craig and Sam! You can't tell by looking at these, but they went with shades of purple, and they looked flippin' sharp!

If you are looking for a Denver Wedding Photographer, a Denver Engagement Photographer, of a Denver Family Photographer, please consider The Tintype Company in Boulder, Colorado. You can visit the studio up here at 6800 feet in a mountain setting, or I can come to you with The Photographic Van, a mobile tintype darkroom and portrait studio.

Denver Engagement Photographer and Tintype Artist

Denver Colorado Wedding Photographer

Boulder Wedding Photographer and Tintype Artist

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