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Turn any digital photograph into an authentic silver tintype from the 1850's.  Select your size, image options, and stand color, then upload your image. 

Silver Cybertype - Digital to Tintype Conversion

PriceFrom $180.00

    • Display your tintype under a bright, specular light source for best viewing results.  I recommend propping them up under a lamp.
    • Let people pick up and hold your tintype. Tintypes are robust.  Baring any physical damage they will last hundreds of years.  ​

    • When fingerprints show, wash with cool water and wipe dry with a soft cloth.  Don't use windex or other chemical cleaners. 

    • Tintypes are varnished with a natural substance called Lavender Sandarac.  Is it amazing stuff, but not as hardcore as a poly.  

    • If you choose to frame your tintype, make certain there is an air gap between the glass and the plate.  If the plate touches the glass, given changes in humidity and temperature, over time the varnish will adhere to the glass. 

    • I recommend shadowboxes or frames without glass. Mount it 1/4 inch away from the back of the shadowbox for a cool 3D effect.

    • Tintypes are glossy, so is glass, so you will get a double the glare with glass.

    • Got any other questions or concerns, holler at me!

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