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Updated: Jul 28, 2023

I had the distinct honor of photographing a newlywed couple both with and without their clothes on! What better way is there to archive your nuptials than make them permanent with silver and sunlight? And why shoot digital, with paper prints that will only fade and yellow with time, or disappear forever into the cloud, when you can sit for wet plate collodion session that will literally outlast you and many generations of your descendants?

Meet Kaitlyn and Jesse. They visited my studio just a few days after they tied the knot. They wanted shots in their formal wear, and shots out of their formal wear! We started outside under the pines as the sun was getting low on the horizon, then moved indoors for something a bit more vulnerable and intimate.

Are you looking for a tintype boudoir photographer in the Denver or Boulder, Colorado area? Come visit me in the mountains for a studio session, or hire The Photographic Van for a boudoir session at your own home. We can shoot digital if you'd like, but I, of course, recommend wet plate collodion tintype!

Denver Boulder Colorado Boudoir Photographer Tintype

Denver Boulder Colorado Bridal Portrait Tintype

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