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Balefire Goods 

6th Anniversary Party

Authentic 1850's Wet Plate Tintype Portraits

November 18 :: 2-6pm

5x7-inch Portrait :: $100


Invented in 1851 by sculptor Frederick Scott Archer, tintypes were the first prominent form of photography. One-of-a-kind, they are handmade by pouring light-sensitive chemistry onto metal plates before exposing them in antique cameras. The final product is an image made of pure silver that will last for centuries to come. 

Portraits Forged in Silver by Sunlight

Why go home with a T-shirt when you can leave with an Heirloom?

I Want a Tintype Portrait!

  • Sessions last 15-20 minutes, include one 5x7 tintype & cost $100.
  • Singles and couples. 
  • Dress up!  Be you at your most wonderfully unique. 
  • Please arrive on time (else forfeit you spot)
  • Come early and watch!
  • Finished plates will be available for pickup after one week at Balefire Goods.  USPS an option for $20. 
  • A high-res scan of your plate will be available to download from this site.
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